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Have Questions? Here Are Answers!

Have you seen our FAQ’s page? Its a great resource on buying, taking care of and setting up graphics for your feather banners, banners, pull up banners, table throws and more! It has  26 short videos on all aspects of sign creation and you can visit it here,

FAQ's page


Vector vs Bitmap Images

A quick video to help understand the differences and the limitations of art files. Good information to know when designing your banner or sign or getting the proper artwork files to your designer. Need more help? Check out our FAQ’s page!

Our New Page for Golf Tournament Signs!

We just developed and uploaded a page for Golf tournament signs! We are a one-stop shop for tee box signs, feather banners, sponsor backdrops, over-sized checks and more! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask. We have helped out many golf tournaments including the Randy Jones Invitational, East County Chamber Grip It and Rip It, Holy Trinity Golf Tournament, and more. We offer discounts for charity tournaments.
Check out the new page here:

golf tournament signs

A one stop shop for golf signs!


Why the Logo From Your Website Won’t Work for Your Banner

We are asked by clients from time to time to get their logo from the their website to use for their banner, sign, retractable banner stand or feather banner. Here is why that doesn’t work.

Changing Fonts to Outlines, Why Should You Do It?

A short tutorial on why you should change your fonts to outlines and how to change your fonts to outlines before you send it to us for printing. If done properly this will ensure your banner, feather banner, retractable banner stand or graphics look their best.

Check out our website at for more information or to purchase online. We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

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Tell People Exactly What You Do!

We are often asked how to make a good sign, banner, vehicle graphic, canopy or tent, etc. It’s all about branding and telling people exactly what you do. It’s not a secret yet so many business’s get lost in trying to be clever or cool and hip that they miss out on the obvious. Make your message legible, clean, and easily readable. How many times have you been driving down the freeway and a truck goes by with bright graphics on it and you ask yourself “what do they do or what does it say?”  The business that purchased those graphics just wasted their money. So the first rule is to use a readable font–block style works well for signs. The second would be to have good contrasting colors between your background and your letters. Third would be to make sure your message is clear, “this is what we do and how we can help you”. Lastly, let them know how to contact you, your phone number (one number is best), web address, and a Q.R. code.

Here is a excellent example of great signage and branding that we did with RX Jump Ropes. They use their logo and information on their truck, canopy tents, feather banners, mobile cart, and more. You can’t miss it and it tells you exactly what they do!

Vehicle graphics, feather banners, truck lettering, tent lettering

RX Ropes does it the correct way. No doubt what they do or sell.

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