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Removing Old Vinyl Graphics

Vehicle and truck wraps are a great way to get your message seen and noticed but if they stay on too long it can cost a lot of money to remove them. Why? Wraps are typically made to last 3 to 5 years. More than that and the vinyl bakes onto the surface of the vehicle and can’t be removed in nice big areas but instead only comes off in tiny 1/2 inch chips. When this happens we use a vinyl eraser that doesn’t harm the surface paint while removing the vinyl but it still takes a lot of time and patience to get it done.

Attention Getters in the News!

Kevin and Tracey were interviewed today at Attention Getters by Steve Luke with NBC 7 San Diego for a story about the upcoming tax reform for businesses. Something that doesn’t happen everyday, its great to be on TV!

He gave us a good plug about our biz and the printers we use.  Sometimes the day brings wonderful surprises.


Tracey on NBC 7

Monument Sign For St Madeleines

One of our favorite clients was in need of a monument sign. We felt that it really needed to reflect the class and professionalism of their organization so we designed a solid, contemporary looking sign that would complement their business. A good monument sign  is a real branding opportunity that will advertise your business for years. They love their new sign and so do we!


Getting Your Sign Permitted

One of the intimidating aspects of getting signage for your business is the sign permitting process. All the requirements and drawings that are needed can feel like your chasing after an uncatchable rabbit. Here is a short video showing some of the process and hopefully can help you get past the feelings of frustration before they happen. Or better still, bring your sign project to us and we’ll take care of the whole thing!


Attention Getters Design


Happy Holidays Everyone!


Happy Holidays from your friends at Attention Getters Design!


What does 15,000 Labels Look Like?

A very large order just before the year ends. Yes, we make custom labels! Here are 15,000 of them being laminated, cut and sent to our client.

15,000 Labels!

Lots of Labels!

15,000 labels before the end of the year!

15,000 labels before the end of the year!

Labels, labels, labels!

Labels, labels, labels!

Welcome to Attention Getters Design!

Here is where we will be sharing the how to’s and knowledge of what makes a good sign or banner. We will also be showing off some of our projects and how you can utilize that information for your own business. Enjoy!

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