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Throw Back Thursday!

A giant inflatable hand!

A giant inflatable hand!

Throw Back Thursday to 1995 and a giant inflatable hand sporting the “New” Seiko watch. All airbrushed by hand including the watch face. Way before giant digital printers came on the scene. Giant custom balloons or inflatables are a great way to get your product seen and noticed. They break through the clutter making your message front and center in people minds, and they’re fun!

Marketing products well takes a lot of creativity. The average American sees over 5,000 advertising messages daily. To make an impact when marketing products, your advertising, event planning & marketing strategies have to incorporate eye-catching techniques that leave an impression that lasts long enough to get consumers into your store to buy.

Not sure if they are allowed in your city? The zoning of inflatable outdoor advertising falls to each individual city. Policies for using inflatables usually fall under the city’s sign ordinance. Oftentimes policies are ambiguous, referring to inflatables as “ambient” balloons or devices, which could apply to either helium or cold-air inflatables.

So how do you find out? Cities now have the ordinances for signs online and with a little research you can chase down the requirements stating what times of year and how long they can be up. You can also call the zoning office or city hall if you can’t easily find them online. Either way giant inflatables are a fantastic way to get your product the “Attention Getting” it needs.

TBT Giant Balloon!

TBT, we did this 25′ tall Dannon cup around 1995. All hand painted before digital printing was even around! We would have to project and pattern it on a wall then transfer it to the fabric and paint it before was sewn together.


TBT, Bird of Paradise Mural

In 2002 we were commissioned to paint a mural for the CDC El Cajon. We were asked to depict something for the rebirth of downtown El Cajon. The inspiration came to us as the Bird of Paradise, out of the ashes rebirth! It was a fun project that gave us a chance to show off our fine art side and do some airbrushing “in plein air”.

We make a ton of signs, banners, wraps, but this was an opportunity to do something that brought beauty into our world. It was painted in an alley way that people walked when going from a parking lot to the theater. I always imagined it would be a great surprise, turning a corner and being greeted by a colorful mural.

Do you an area that needs a fresh look? Maybe something that uplift your store or neighborhood? Give us a call we’d love to help you out!

Bird of Paradise award

Ribbon cutting time!

Bird of Paradise crew

The Crew!

Bird of Paradise painting2

“Man, thats a big wall!”



A New Mural For The Kona Kai Resort

A New Mural For The Kona Kai Resort

We work with some great people and last week had the opportunity to work with the folks at Non Verbal Communications. Their client, the Kona Kai Resort, needed a mural painted behind a metal ship sculpture to match a logo. We were there from 8:30 pm to 11:00 pm to keep us out of the way of the customers. We used stencils and air brushes to create the desired finish of a rough weathered texture. We think it turned out great!

Toyota “Moving Forward” Wall Mural

Being a brand new Green Facility…we needed an art mural that fit our interior.  So I contacted Tracey at Attention Getters and asked her to meet me to assist with our mural.  Tracey brought a team of artists to our dealership and provided 4 options to meet our needs.  We chose one and it turned out fantastic. 

Thank you,

Michelle Candelaria
Toyota of El Cajon

Toyota of El Cajon recently contracted us to design and paint a 15′ tall X 65′ long wall mural with Toyota sayings. They just opened their new location on Arnele Street and have the distinction of being the first LEED Certified building in El Cajon, CA. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a third-party certification program and nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings, according to the U.S. Green Building Council. We naturally chose to use paints with no toxic fumes, or low VOC for the mural.

We designed the mural to compliment the other murals and decor they have in the newly designed building. The entire facility is quite impressive with numerous factoids explaining how energy efficient it is. Children will love to play on the life size pirate ship in the showroom area.

The wall mural is in an area where new owners pick up the keys to their car and drive off. It took three artists over four days to prep, paint, and complete the work on the mural. We are happy to be part of keeping their building “green.” The finished mural looks great!

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