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Lucky, Golden Acorn’s Mascot

TBT to an inflatable costume we made for Golden Acorn Casino. “Lucky” became an ambassador star interacting with the crowds and putting a smile on everyones face. This inflatable character was totally self-contained, had its own power supply, and went everywhere in the casino.

It was an amazing attention getter helping to brand the casino and giving patrons a unique experience.

Tracey and "Lucky", Golden Acorn's mascot.
Tracey and “Lucky”, Golden Acorn’s mascot.

One of our first inflatable costumes.

Secret Guest Appearance!

Guess who showed up to play with Cooper today? Always a fun day when Cooper gets a play buddy to spend time with!


Art for an Inflatable Costume

One of the many fun projects we produce are inflatable costumes. We recently worked with Larger Than Life inflatables to produce this bright and fun bible costume. First the concept was made, then the side, back and front were digitally printed and laminated to protect the print. Finally the pages were airbrushed in to complete the look. We think it turned out great!

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