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DIY Stickers to Upgrade Your Swag!

We do a lot of work for event designers. This idea turned out great! Upgrading cup give aways with a custom sticker. This is an easy way to give out a gift that your guests will love by personalizing it for your party. By applying them yourself you can save some cash too!


Giving Back for a Good Cause!

Attention Getters at San Vicente Golf Club…….
Golfing to raise money for East County’s Youth Venture Program! We provided all the signage for this event as a sponsor, and played in the tournament to show our support.

Youth Venture is a free community service program for kids 10-18 that provides a free, safe and fun environment to play, gain mentor ship and grow as young adults.

Each year the tournament provides a major source of the funding for this non-profit organization created by Foothills Church. As one of the most influential youth programs, they have helped thousands of teens in the San Diego/East County area.

Way to go and be an Attention Getter! Check out our golf signs page when you need golf signs for your next tournement!

Giving back at the Youth Venture Event!

Giving back at the Youth Venture Event!

Attention Getters Speaks at La Mesa Middle School

Tracey and Brooke gave a talk and demonstration to 59 students at the La Mesa Middle School on Wednesday, Feb. 25th. We spoke about our business and the education and skills needed for a career in art. We brought samples of pictures for them to see some of the fun signs, banners, and inflatables we have created. Brooke also shared what a day in the life of a professional graphic artist is like.

The students in the audience had great questions and the best part was a hands-on demonstration they got to participate in. We brought sign material and digital prints to make a sign. Brooke gave them several choices from flowers and an amusement park ride to an airplane flying overhead for their image. We were not surprised to see that most of the boys chose the airplane! Each student walked away with new knowledge about a professional career in art and a sign of their own that they made.

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