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Photo Prints On Wood!

photo prints on wood

Check out our newest creation: Your picture printed on WOOD!
These are so cool, unique and a great holiday gift! We take your image and using our flat bed printer apply that photo directly onto a 10″ x 12″ wood surface. It provides you with a one of a kind gift that is sure to please that special someone in your life.

Contact us at for more info.

You finally got the Rolls Royce!

Here is our newest creative project for our friends at

~Pacific Event Productions~
San Diego’s finest event planning company.
It’s a direct print onto 3/16” gatorfoam, which is a good alternative to foamcor due to its strength and durability. Die cut after printing, it will be part of a larger display to give their party the POP and FUN it deserves.
We’ve done the same die cut process with Marilyn Monroe and the Worlds Most Interesting Man—
FUN photo opportunities for party guests!

This is the second car display we’ve made for Pacific Event Productions. See Kevin and Tracey in the Corvette?
Lots of smiles.
What kind of car would you like at your party?

Rolls Royce cutout

Skydancers, Wind Dancers or Airtubes

Skydancers, wind dancers, air tubes are a great advertising medium. Because sky dancers are made from rip-stop nylon they come in a rainbow of different colors. From dark blues to hot pinks they are a definite attention getter!

What Makes a Good Sign?

Having spent over 30 years making signs I have found it very easy to spot bad signs, but what makes a good sign? Everyone knows a bad sign when they see it, but what works in making a good sign? First off it has to be readable! Too many signs are designed trying to be cool or hip and the fonts used and graphics incorporated make it impossible to read from any distance. Remember you want your sign to tell people exactly what you do and your offer in a very clear manner. To do that lets go over some of the basics.

1.Use easy to read fonts! If a fancy font is part of your logo fine, but for your message use sans serif type as in helvetica, ariel, or any other easy to read font. Don’t use swirly brush script type fonts to tell your message. They are difficult to read quickly. Legibility is king!

Download a Visibility Chart here!

2. Use a contrasting color combination. Black on yellow, red on yellow. Avoid brown on green or any combination that doesn’t give good contrast and remember that just because it looks good on your letterhead doesn’t mean it will make a good sign.

3. Make sure the size of your sign and lettering is readable to your audience. If it needs to be read from the freeway it has to be considerably larger than if it needs to be seen by people walking by.

4. Experts agree that when it comes to signs, less is better. Seven words or fewer, and no more than three elements per sign.

Your sign should quickly and clearly state three important points:

Who you are — your company name and identity

What you do — this section usually highlights your industry or trade, and is given the greatest prominence

How well you do it — a short slogan or company motto might be used in this area

5. Think in pictures. Graphics and pictures are still worth a thousand words! A picture of a mouth–watering cake may make a greater impact on potential customers than any slogans about baking the best cakes in the county.

There you go, some basics to help you communicate your message to your audience to get return on investment! Of course you can always bring your sign needs to us and we will make sure you get an Attention Getter!

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