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Frosted Vinyl For That Etched Glass Look!

Here is a quick video about using frosted vinyl which is a great product for adding a touch of class and elegance to your graphics. We use this for bank signs, restaurant signs, reception area signs, and more. It’s also great for privacy on windows while while letting in light! It can be printed on in color and have logos or text cut out. One client uses it for branding corporate events with logos printed and applied to cylinder vases used for centerpieces.

Click here to see a quick movie about frosted vinyl!

Frosted vinyl for a classy-understated look.

Frosted vinyl for a classy-understated look.

Yes, We Make Tear Drop Banners!

“Soooo awesome, thank you, gorgeous colors, beautiful carrying case. Thank you so much!” We love feedback like this from Mitzi, The Maui Cookie Lady. We make lots of tear drop and feather banners or flags that are a great way to get attention for your business and/or event. We ship them all over the United States, free within the continental U.S.! Check them out here:…

Tear drop banner

The Maui Cookie Lady Loves her tear drop banner!

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