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bad wrap removal

Vehicle wraps, truck wraps, van wraps are great temporary advertising tools. They last 3 to 5 years, will make you money, but don’t leave them on too long! This is a sprinter van that was brought to us to remove the wrap someone else had done 7 years earlier. It was left on about 2 years too long. Not only was it a bad reflection on the business, it cost them a lot more to remove it!

We can give you and your business the impact your looking for to get the business you want, but we never lie about the limitations of the product and tell all our customers that 5 years is the longest amount of time they should leave a vehicle wrap on.

See the removal in process here

Check out more info at our web site.

Comments on: "Taking Off An Old Vinyl Wrap" (2)

  1. Thanks for this info, Do other environmental factors play are part in this too?… Such as extreme or excessive heat? (I see you are in CA). Thanks for the great photos are well
    Matt, DaVinci Technologies – Wide Format Inkjet Media

    • Yes, heat does make a big difference. Not only from a weather point of view but the hoods of vehicles that have been wrapped have to be replaced yearly because of the heat of the engine.

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