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Giant Inflatable Spheres for Sea World!

Giant balloons

Giant inflatable balloons painted for Sea World.

We have been helping Sea World with their props for years. One of our artists Brooke took this photo while riding in the sky tram of these giant inflatable spheres and water trampoline we painted for them. The largest sphere is 25′ in diameter with the smallest being 12′. If you giant attention, give us a call! 619-441-8901.

Skydancers, Wind Dancers, Air Dancers

Our latest sky dancer or wind dancer we made for one of our clients. Yes they really do work in getting business visual attention!


Yes we make these!

Easy to use and set up, light weight, attention getting. These inflatables are great at bringing in business!

See a movie here

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Taking Off An Old Vinyl Wrap

bad wrap removal

Vehicle wraps, truck wraps, van wraps are great temporary advertising tools. They last 3 to 5 years, will make you money, but don’t leave them on too long! This is a sprinter van that was brought to us to remove the wrap someone else had done 7 years earlier. It was left on about 2 years too long. Not only was it a bad reflection on the business, it cost them a lot more to remove it!

We can give you and your business the impact your looking for to get the business you want, but we never lie about the limitations of the product and tell all our customers that 5 years is the longest amount of time they should leave a vehicle wrap on.

See the removal in process here

Check out more info at our web site.

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