Creating Business Visibility!

Vehicle Graphics advertising can be as simple as magnetics for your car or truck doors to a full vinyl wrap. The price range for these products can be as little as $100 or upwards to several thousand for a full vinyl wrap. Most businesses spend less then $1,000 per vehicle for vinyl graphics sometimes combined with full color logos. Due to the prominence of large format digital printing, you can add a lot more splash to your graphics with full color. You can expect vehicle graphics to last from 3 – 7 years depending the type of vinyl used and exposure to the elements.

We recently completed the truck graphics for Professional Roofing Services. He followed through with good marketing and advertising guidelines for his graphics and best of all, it works for his business.

The excellent graphics Attention Getters Design installed on my new truck, clearly gives the professional image I need,  and the “Please take one of my business cards” signage and magnet cards places my company at my customer’s finger tips. I get at least 5-7 jobs per year, every year, from people saying what a nice looking truck. There are thousands of these trucks out there, only one looks this good. Thanks to you.–John M. Houge, Owner PRS

We have several pointers to make the most out of your message.
• Make your business name and logo prominent
• Include the best phone number for people to call your business
• Web addresses can leave off “www” as most everyone knows what it is
• Include license numbers if you are a contractor
• Tell people what you do, keep it simple
• Tell people why they should use you
• Include any awards you have received to establish trust and integrity
• Include any associations you belong to, Example: Better Business Bureau
• Include a QR code so people can look you up on their smart phone right away
• Consider having magnetic business cards as part of your design so people can take them
• Keep your overall message clean, simple, and direct.

Make sure your design provides high contrast with your vehicle color. We highly recommend that whatever combination you choose, the design should be legible. We have seen too many full color vehicle wraps with designs that we cannot read, even though the colors were attractive. If you are considering having graphics for a truck or van, start looking at other vehicles as you drive around. You will be surprised at what you see and even more so finding graphics that you can’t read.

Lastly, don’t forget about the rear of your vehicle. We think that is probably the most important area for graphics. Just think about being stuck in traffic. Where else can you look but at the vehicle in front of you–well you could be texting or talking on your cell phone but we won’t go there.

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