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Top Things To Look For When Hiring A Sign Company

1. Does the sign company adhere to any green business practices? Most sign companies use products designed for long term use that cannot easily be recycled. Do they offer any recycling options?

2. Does a real person answer the phone or does it go into voice mail? How long does it take for a return call from the sign company?

3. Do they provide a written estimate and do they include any written warranties for their products?

4. Do they have a store front where you can see types of products and materials that will be used?

5. If so, how does it look? Is it clean? Do they have visual samples? Can you see some or all of your work in progress?

6. Are you able to work directly with a professional graphic designer for your projects?

7. Do they give back to the community by offering nonprofit discounts? Do they sponsor events in the community that enhance the cultural and/or economic environment?

9. Are you told how long your project will take?

10. Do they explain verbally and in writing how to take care of your product once it has been made?

11. Are they willing to come to your place of business to fully assess your needs?

12. Do they have experience in marketing and advertising to make a sign that will work for your business?

13. Can they provide references?

14. Are they members of the Better Business Bureau, the International Sign Association, any Chambers of Commerce, or other professional organizations?

15. Do they understand sign codes and permit compliance? Do they use licensed and bonded contractors for installations when required?

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