Creating Business Visibility!

We knew it would happen and it sure seemed like forever, but we now have a banner product that is green in more ways than one. Just think, when you order a green banner from us you will be supporting a greener planet.

materials designed for outdoor use typically have been made out of
nonrecycleable materials to withstand the elements for long periods of
time. One of our vendors has developed a product that we are proud to
offer as an alternative to traditional vinyl fabrics.

The new
product is called Tyvek® SUV and is made of 100% recyclable
high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is similar to the material that
FedEx uses for their envelopes.

Here are some features:
· Uses 70% less material as similar banner fabrics reducing the impact from manufacturing to shipping to disposal
· Has the same durability as traditional banner material so it can be used repeatedly
· It can be recycled into decking, railings, fencing, and other products.

offering an easy way to recycle these banners–just bring them back to
us when you no longer need the banner and we’ll make sure they are
recycled properly. The cost per banner with the new material is
slightly more, however to get you started, we’re offering a special deal of 10% off good through April 30th.

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