Creating Business Visibility!

If you’re on a budget or you ordered your digital print online and had it shipped to you, what follows is how to apply it to some type of substrate. The digital print will be printed onto adhesive vinyl to stick to the substrate you are using. We don’t recommend applying a poster or paper print to a hard surface as there are many good adhesive vinyls on the market. We use 3M and Oracal vinyl adhesives with a rapid air release which makes it very forgiving when applying.

We recommend starting with a small digital print to practice with before tackling something big like what is shown below–however, if you are up to the challenge, go for it.

Begin by trimming the print on two connecting sides and square it up on the surface of the substrate you are going to apply it to.

The next step is to make a tape hinge on the trimmed side of the print, half on the table, half on the print.

Make a tape mark on the other end of the print putting half on the print and half on the table your working on.

Tear the tape mark in half and roll the print up to the hinged side.

Peel the backing up about 3 to 4 inches, don’t tear it off, you’ll need that bit of backing.

Unroll the print back to the starting position matching up the tape mark you made earlier and tape it down. The following picture is what it will look like when it is set up properly to adhere.

Using a roller, work it back and forth from the middle of the print out to the edges.

Slip off the backing a few inches at a time while you roll the print into place. before you know it, voila! Your done! If you run into problems, you can peel it back and start again, but that is tricky and will stretch the print.

Good luck and if you have any questions give us a call!

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