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TBT to an inflatable costume we made for Golden Acorn Casino. “Lucky” became an ambassador star interacting with the crowds and putting a smile on everyones face. This inflatable character was totally self-contained, had its own power supply, and went everywhere in the casino.

It was an amazing attention getter helping to brand the casino and giving patrons a unique experience.

Tracey and "Lucky", Golden Acorn's mascot.
Tracey and “Lucky”, Golden Acorn’s mascot.

One of our first inflatable costumes.

All About Vehicle Wraps

Everyone has seen a company truck, van, or car to advertising their business. Have you wondered whether these advertisements — known as vehicle wraps or vehicle graphics — are a worthwhile investment?

What is a truck, van, or car wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a digitally-printed mobile billboard for your company. Using graphics software our design professionals will work with you to craft your unique message. After printing the design you approve, we apply the vinyl film to your van, truck, or car. We can design either a full wrap, which covers the entire vehicle including the windows, or a partial wrap. Both can have tremendous impact in telling your potential customers what your service or product is, its features and benefits and how to contact you.

A partial van wrap
A partial van wrap

Are vehicle wraps effective?

When you think of marketing techniques, the use of vehicle graphics may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, you may want to give vehicle wraps more consideration based on the following statistics:

  • In the US today, “individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000-70,000 daily vehicular impressions,” according to ARD Ventures.
  • “Mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard,” says Perception Research.
  • “Messages on outdoor mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate,”RYP and Becker research indicates.

Based on these metrics, it’s easy to see why business owners would want to consider choosing vehicle wraps over more traditional forms of advertising.

Aren’t wraps meant for large companies with vehicle fleets?

There is a common misconception that vinyl car wraps are only for companies with large vehicle fleets. However, this is not the case.Taking advantage of vehicle wraps will legitimize your business and introduce your business and logo to customers in your area. When small business owners use vehicle wraps, it levels the playing field with companies large enough to maintain vehicle fleets.

How much do car wraps cost?

The cost of vinyl wraps depends on the size and complexity of the vehicle you wish to cover. You can wrap cars of any size. The average cost typically ranges from $1,500 to $3,500, which includes:

  • Graphic design
  • Printing services
  • Professional installation

A well designed partial wrap can cost even less!

A full wrap versus smaller areas for wraps.
A full wrap versus smaller areas for wraps.

How do vehicle wraps compare to other forms of advertising?

Vehicle wraps are the most effective and efficient form of advertising around, reaching more consumers at a lower cost per thousand impressions than any other form of advertising.

On average, wrap advertising costs as little as four cents per thousand impressions. This is significantly lower than other forms of advertising. For instance, it’s estimated that outdoor signs cost $3.56 and newspaper ads cost $19.70 per thousand impressions. Wrap advertising isn’t quite as cost-efficient as online advertising, but it’s certainly more effective than some other forms of marketing.

What is the average return on investment for vehicle wraps?

There is no average return on investment (ROI) for vehicle wraps because it will depend on the type of company you have, where and when the vehicle is driven, and the effectiveness of the wrap design. What our customers have related to us is an enthusiastic “yes! it really works.” One of our customers had an immediate $20,000 dollar sale after leaving our studio and stopping for gas! Remember, a business with no sign is a sign of no business.

One small warning.

There has been a rise in inexperienced people setting up fleet wrap shops. It’s a good idea to check a wrap provider’s credentials and reviews before engaging in business. You are much better off investing in the services of a professional who you can trust. Make sure that you choose a company that is highly-rated and has years of experience. Vehicle wraps should be a part of your overall marketing strategy, especially if you live in a highly-populated area. Vehicle wraps allow you to reach a broad target audience for minimal costs.

Office Signs

Wade-Howard office sign

Its always a joy to get involved with a company that wants to make their reception area look like a million bucks. We were able to help Wade-Howard with their office signage giving them the professional look and feel they needed to represent their company properly. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and this sign is all class.

Office signs involve more than just creating an attractive arrangement of logos and slogans. It is a blending of complex elements such as materials, lighting, placement, typography and size of the sign elements. In addition, it’s an understanding of location, marketplace and demographics. All these elements convey a message to your potential customer, a message that should be in alignment with your marketing brand and message. For Wade-Howard CPA’s we manufactured dimensional brushed aluminum cut out letters. It truly reflects their business and the quality of their work.

A high quality Reception Sign not only guides visitors to the reception area, it’s also the first impression of your organization. And you know what they say about first impressions!

Throw Back Thursday!

A giant inflatable hand!

A giant inflatable hand!

Throw Back Thursday to 1995 and a giant inflatable hand sporting the “New” Seiko watch. All airbrushed by hand including the watch face. Way before giant digital printers came on the scene. Giant custom balloons or inflatables are a great way to get your product seen and noticed. They break through the clutter making your message front and center in people minds, and they’re fun!

Marketing products well takes a lot of creativity. The average American sees over 5,000 advertising messages daily. To make an impact when marketing products, your advertising, event planning & marketing strategies have to incorporate eye-catching techniques that leave an impression that lasts long enough to get consumers into your store to buy.

Not sure if they are allowed in your city? The zoning of inflatable outdoor advertising falls to each individual city. Policies for using inflatables usually fall under the city’s sign ordinance. Oftentimes policies are ambiguous, referring to inflatables as “ambient” balloons or devices, which could apply to either helium or cold-air inflatables.

So how do you find out? Cities now have the ordinances for signs online and with a little research you can chase down the requirements stating what times of year and how long they can be up. You can also call the zoning office or city hall if you can’t easily find them online. Either way giant inflatables are a fantastic way to get your product the “Attention Getting” it needs.

A short video on how to set up your tear drop banner or feather banner pole. It can get a little confusing at times so here it is! When you first get your feather banner or tear drop banner the instructions are a little lacking. If you not careful you can you can put the poles together backwards and they won’t fit properly. This video will make it easy, or read our step by step instructions below. Either way if you still are having issues give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process. We also have a video on installing your tear drop or feather banner on our website here. Also video instructions on creating artwork for your feather flag.


When you first receive your feather banner or tear drop banner it will come in a case like this.

feather banner case

Feather banner case

Open the case you will see your feather flag or tear drop flag and the poles right next to it.

Feather flag or banner open case.

Feather flag or banner open case.

When you take the feather banner poles out you will see they go from larger to smaller.

Feather banner poles and stake.

Feather banner poles and stake.

Before you begin to assemble your pole understand that if you put 2 ends together that look finished that is wrong! They may fit together but that means that another portion of your pole won’t work.

Feather flag poles wrong ends together.

Feather flag poles wrong ends together.

You want to assemble a finished end with a non finished end to make your feather flag pole work properly.

Feather banner or tear drop banner poles correct ends.

Feather banner or tear drop banner poles correct ends.

Keep joining the proper pole ends together, when you run out of sections you are done!

Feather banner poles together.

Feather banner poles together.

How to get a sign permitted

I’ve been making signs since 1980 and I really enjoy the creativity of the sign business. The most challenging part of the process remains permitting a sign. Cities and suburbs have sign ordinances that restrict the size, location and sometimes the lighting and type of sign used. Landlords may also impose their own restrictions; these are likely to be the most stringent in a mall. The reality is most entrepreneurs need professional assistance with signage since they don’t have experience in this area. You probably won’t know how big the letters should be to be visible from down the block, what fonts are readable, color combinations that make it easy to read, and you may not know which materials fare best in inclement weather. For this reason it make sense to seek out a sign professionals help. Still want to do it yourself? Here is a video that explains it or you can read all the tips to help in the process following the video.

Do your homework!

Cities usually have all the sign criteria online. Look it up and find out what is allowed in your neighborhood. It will save you time and frustration. I have met with many owners who have designed a sign and I have to let them know that it can’t be done because it violates the sign code. 

Expect to spend an hour or more at the city!

Years ago, a permitting office would quickly approve your design. If it met the requirements, you were good to go. Today, properties face much heavier scrutiny. Many require review from the local architectural review board. Some need a stamped engineer’s drawing. Other county officials want to see the calculations used by the engineer to ensure they are accurate. You will need site plans showing where the sign will be placed, property lines, and dimensions. By the way, most cities do not like Google maps used for site plans. They require drawings. You will also need scaled drawings showing the sign, colors, attachment methods and if it’s an electric sign power connections.

Make friends with the planning and zoning people!

There is no other way of saying it, don’t be a jerk! Zoning rules are not always black and white; in the gray area are the relationships that you personally and professionally maintain with the individuals who are responsible for approving and rejecting signs. The folks that work at the city offices are working 8 hour days in a difficult environment. Be the “good guy” and things will move easier for you and them. Make sure you are the person they are glad to see.

Follow up and be persistent!

Be diligent and proactive. If they say call back in a week call back in 3 days. Be persistent and proactive but don’t be a jerk.

Ask a lot of questions.

Even if the ordinances seem crystal clear, ask lots of questions. The way they are written can be very confusing to understand and even the clerks at the city sometimes have trouble deciphering them. Most cities require a licensed sign contractor to even pull a sign permit or install a sign. So even as a business owner who is willing to put in the time to install a sign, you may not be able to obtain a city permit as an unlicensed sign contractor. Find that information out before you get too far in the process.

Let us help you!

If you’ve come to the conclusion that spending weeks learning codes and permits aren’t for you, then the next step is finding the right business sign professionals that will give you a full-service package and install a business sign you can be proud of. You’ll want a business that does more than just take your order, you’ll want a business that serves as an advisor, guides you through the process, and has open communication about any snags along the way. We are that sign contractor!

Think you’re ready to get that new business sign you’ve been dreaming of? Hopefully you’ve gained some helpful insight with the professional tips above. Good luck with the installation of your new business sign!

Fixing a banner in a retractable banner stand is fairly simple. If you haven’t fixed a pull up banner before here are a few tips to make it easy. Roll up banners are a great way to advertise your product or service. They can be used for multiple specials by changing the banner, but sometimes the banner accidentally goes back into the banner stand. Don’t fret, fixing your roll up banner is easy when you know how to do it. In this video we show you how to fix your pull up banner stand. We also share step by step instructions to fix your pull up banner in the following paragraphs.


Remove the end caps of your roll up banner stand.

Roll Up Banner Stand.

Remove the end caps from your banner stand.

Remove the cover to your pull up banner.

Remove the cover to your pull up banner stand.

Tape leader to allow you to roll up tension core easier.

Tape leader to allow you to roll up tension core easier.

Wind up the core to load the spring tension.

Wind up the core to load the spring tension in your retractable banner stand.

When at tension install pin to hold core in place.

When at tension install pin to hold core in place.

Attach banner to the leader of your pull up banner stand.

Attach banner to the leader of your pull up banner stand.

Slowly let banner rewind into place.

Slowly let banner rewind into place.

Put end caps back on and your done!

Put end caps back on and your done!

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